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Future of Fabric

August 10, 2015

The fabric that gives you invisibility

Once regarded as a mere fantasy in the fictional wizarding world of Harry Potter, the cloak of invisibility will soon become a reality. The principle behind the invisibility is to manipulate light waves by forcing them around the concealed object. The potential uses of such an invention is limitless – from camouflage in warfare to delicate surgery, allowing surgeons to see through their hands to provide a better visual field.


The fabric that requires no cleaning

Imagine the amount of time saved if we didn’t have to do any laundry! With the advances in nanotechnology, a nanoparticle alcohol-based compound has been created, which when sprayed onto fabric and heated, renders the cloth repellant to stains. Through Kickstarter, Aamir Patel has been garnering support for his pet project – Silic: A shirt that cleans itself. See it for yourself in the video below!

The fabric that can be printed

Electroloom, a company that has come up with a 3D printer for fabric, makes use of a process called electrospinning to design and manufacture a seamless fabric. Their vision is to build a community and open the world of fashion design and manufacturing to everyone.






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