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Flower Power

October 30, 2014

There has been much buzz in the interior fabrics world that come 2015, the retro fabrics reminiscent of the 60s and 70s will be making a strong comeback and taking the industry by storm. And nothing screams retro more than the Flower Power Era. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive the times by looking at seven incredibly exquisite flower-inspired chairs.


1. The Bloom Lounge Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue


Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.19.48 AM

Function, beauty, elegance, nature – this chair has it all! Here, we have The Bloom Lounge Chair, a beautiful new flower unfurling in the sunlight, exuding delicate grace and vibrancy. The seats are made of thousands of handmade stitches that are like veinlets of plants stretching outwards from the center.


2. Masanori Umeda Getsuen Lily Chair

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.24.12 AM

Here’s another chair that reminds us of nature’s beauty, while being funky and fun at the same time. The Getsuen Lily Chair is truly a fine piece of creation, and it is especially beautiful when viewed from the side profile of the petals. Breathtakingly gorgeous with spreading crimson petals, it comes complete with roller-skate feets, making it easy to pivot and move around the room. The retro-gold upholstery makes the Lily Chair all the more sophisticated and vivacious.


3. Marco Maran My Flower Chair by Parri

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.29.41 AM

This whimsical, playful chair is full of character – it’s cheerful yet insanely comfortable. Just like beautiful little flowers in springtime, these trendy pieces bring freshness and liveliness into any space.


4. Masanori Umeda Rose Chair by Edra

Untitled9This chair of rose petals made of soft velvety pillows is definitely an haute couture item, symbolising both romance and tenderness. Sink into the plush comforts of the Rose Chair and you will forget about your hectic days.


5. Sandro Santantonio Flower Chair


This chair not only boasts creative design, taking the organic form of a flower petal, but also serves as a constant reminder of nature’s beauty and the importance of social design. Colourful, comfortable, solid and a great conversation piece.

6. Hush Chair by Freja Sewell


Check out this unique soft chair in the shape of a flower bud. This chair creates an enclosed space, giving a personal retreat into a dark, quiet, natural space or state of mind. A great design addressing our need to be alone sometimes in an increasingly interconnected world.


7. Aston Deco Design Chair Flower


Now here’s a unique and funky chair mimicking a blossoming flower. The simplicity of the design reminds us that sometimes, less is more.


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